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Book Review: Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo

Life is a cycle. Rather we have been taught that it does exactly that – follow a cycle. If you are like me, you’ve been brought up, having been sold the ideal, that …you are born, you play, start school, study hard, make it into college or university, get a job, date (could have started in college or later when you’re working), get married and to complete the whole picture have children and live happily ever after. Of course no one ever prepares you for when, one or two things (sometimes everything) goes contrary to the expected cycle…….

Stay with me tells the in’s and out’s, the ups and downs of a couple (Yejide and Akin) who fall in love at first sight in a social hall, where they were both there with their different dates, to watch a movie, but that night marked the first of their relationship 💕 . Love blossoms and as the cycle follows, marriage which, interesting circumstances make the man pursue this agenda in a rather short but romantic time record( I won’t spoil it for you, get your hands on this read). She expected, no, wanted, rather prayed to be with child, but every month, the now dreaded Auntie flow would visit, and she would get that look from the in-laws. Soon enough, there was a co-wife whom was gladly welcomed as it was purported that if she had a child, the evil spirits would be waded off and she would have a child.

Such times try even the strongest of relationships and deepest of love. The sanity of the woman is often questioned when she turns to all manner of “miracles” to be able to feel, or be looked at, better yet thought of as a woman, for being able to bear a child. Many have gone through the motions and have come out stronger and happier in the end, as did the woman (#spoileralert, but I promise you there are twists and turns) and as we speak, many a women are going through such a period in their life – heartbreaking, sanity-questioning, realtionship – testing times that not even religion, or wise words and advises from women, even mothers would suffice to nurse the pain. I think the book gives an insight in what women and families go through when challenged by the broken cycle of life as it takes you through the motions…. You will cry, laugh, smile sweetly at small victories but you will somewhat walk in the shoes of one woman’s journey to be called WOMAN for the need of a gift… A child.

Have you read it?… What did you think? What stood out for you?

Need a copy? Get it here Stay with Me: A novel

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