mum's truth

Mum’s Truths

Where do you think you would be without your mother/ mum/ mom/ mummy/ mama? Would you have made it this far? Granted, there are those who are not close with their mothers, some don’t even know who their biological mother is. I tend to think, rather believe that we have at one point had a mother figure in our life and there are lessons they have taught us, experiences they have given us, which make us who we are and have gotten us to where we are now.

Earlier on last year (2016) , I became a mother and it is amazing. It is beautiful. It is a gift and I am enjoying every bit of it. Unfortunately, as life would have it, my own mother passed on earlier on this year (2017). She lived a good life, in fact a full life and most important of all she kept it real. I hope to share the truths that mum shared with her children as keep sake for my siblings, myself and my children and you as well.

Keep reading and  feel free to share your mum’s truths as well.




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